Sydney Airport to Campbelltown, 4 ways including journey times and fare estimates.

Options for travelling between Sydney Airport to Campbelltown include

Airport link – Journey Time: 48 mins and $19.69. You can take the T8 train from the Domestic and International terminals to Macarthur Station in Campbelltown. See the journey on NSW Transport Trip Planner.

Taxi – Journey Time: 35 mins Cost: $110-130. Taxis are available at the airport.

OLA, UBER & Rideshare – Journey Time: 35 mins Cost: $85-240 depending on service type.

Limousine – Journey Time: 35 mins Cost: $180 and up depending on vehicle type.


Service Providers

Macarthur Shuttles

Based in, but not restricted to the Macarthur and South Western regions, we will consider all areas south of the Harbour bridge, Including Wollongong and Illawarra regions, Homebush, The Sutherland & St George Shires, Inner West, Fairfield, Liverpool, Macquarie Fields, ... continue reading.

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Macarthur Shuttles