Sydney Airport to Hunter Valley including journey times and fare estimates.

Options for traveling between Sydney Airport to Hunter Valley

Airport link & Train – Journey Time: 4 h 36 mins Cost: $39+. You can take the train from either the Domestic or International terminal to Central Station and then board the 33 train (Sydney to Casino) and disembark at Maitland Station. An alternative is to head to Central Station and take the CCN line to Newcastle (3 h 42 mins Cost: $21.07) and then take the Hunter Line to the station nearest your destination (Journey Time: 40-60 mins Cost: $3-7) or arrange a taxi from Newcastle to your destination in the Hunter region.

Taxi – Journey Time: 3h 20 mins Cost: $440 to $620 by the meter although, because the Hunter region is an out of the service area fare you can negotiate a flat fee with the driver. There are taxis at the airport 24/7.

OLA, UBER & Rideshare – Journey Time: 3h 20 mins Cost: $380+ depending on service type. Uber has cars at the airport and you can book via the app on arrival.

Limousine – Journey Time: 3h 20 mins Cost: $470 and up depending on vehicle type. Limousines must be booked in advance.


Service Providers

Newcastle Limousines

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